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The Pilates Studio of Beverly Hills implements the principles developed by Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method of physical fitness. Using both classical and contemporary techniques bring emphasis on controlled movements to develop core strength for balance, coordination and flexibility. The Pilate's reformer and other apparatus allows for resistance and assistance for a total body training for strengthening, tightening and leaner muscle mass.




Our Philosophy is using Joseph Pilates fundamentals to enhance the correct alignment of the body and exercises to achieve the goals for each individual. Clients targeted for all age groups in general physical fitness, body mechanics to eliminate pain, and recovery from any injury or surgery.  The studios provides specific movements and stretches that give awareness and focus to the areas that needs attention. Each movement is observed by a certified instructor.


Our Exclusive Studio practices the foundation of Joseph Pilates method of Contrology with movements that are customized to an individual that needs from beginning -intermediate-advanced levels to define the strengths and weaknesses through the reformer & apparatus.

The integration of Eastern philosophy of balance and energy brings flow to the specific movements for a challenging workout includes hands on-stretches for enhanced flexibility.

At our studio, we invite you to join us for a session for core strength, alignment/posture assistance, and balance to activate the whole body.


When Pilates Meets Massage Therapy


Our Pilates training sessions with stretches to lengthen the whole body to breathe. This will enhance mobility and flexibility for clients to have the most effective workout. The training session will include movements for clients to strengthen the area with any limitations. Pilates session 55 min.

Massage Therapy

Focus on manipulation of both superficial & deeper layer of muscle therapy. Individuals who are experiencing aching muscles & tension in the whole body or specific area, we can help you release that tension. Stress and tightness from neck & shoulder is most common area for headaches. Sessions- 30/50/80 min services.

Stretch Therapy

Stretch Therapy is a perfect way for body to breathe and lengthen. When your body is compressed on a chair or standing for a long period of time, its time for the stretch therapy for flexibility. Session- 30 min sessions.

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Pilates Academy of Beverly Hills is excited to offer Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training  Program for Pilates Certification. Our Comprehensive Intensive program consists of 500+ hours, offered on weekends for the convenience of those who have limited time available. The program teaches foundation of Joseph  Pilates method incorporating classical to contemporary in a small intimate group setting for better understanding & simplified learning. Our Program is continuously throughout with no long intermittence between courses. We offer full comprehensive teacher training program or as separate workshops. Please email for more detailed information to: pilatesacademybeverlyhills@gmail.com


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Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program

Comprehensive teacher training program for certification . All lectures are on the weekend for your convenience. Please email or call the studio for more information.

  • Date: 04-18-2020 12:00 PM - 04-26-2020 06:00 PM
  • Location: 333 South Beverly Drive (Map)

Pilates & Certification

Pilates Sessions

Private & duet sessions

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Pilates Learning

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  • 333 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

.... and Holistic Therapy

Manual Therapy

Massage Therapy

Holistic approach for manual therapy to heal the body is to heal the mind. There are many different practices and styles with levels of pressure, it is important to bring the right energy to your body and well being. Massage Therapists hands is the medicine for your body. We have massage therapists on-call (24 hours), if anyone needs kneading out tight muscles and release of lactic acid flow.

Lypo- Body Contouring Therapy


Body Contouring Treatment also known as Lypossage Treatment has proven to reduce Cellulite & inches loss with series of 20 sessions. The treatment is composed of specific techniques and modalities to stimulate & circulate connective tissue & fluid retention. Use of the modalities including Lymphatic drainage & myofascial techniques enhances tightening of the skin. Please call for more information


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