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The Pilates Studio of Beverly Hills implements the principles developed by Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method of physical fitness. Using both classical and contemporary techniques we improvise the workout with controlled movements for strength, mobility &flexibility. The Pilates workout gives core strength & leaner muscle mass.


Our Philosophy is using Joseph Pilates fundamentals to enhance the correct alignment and exercises to achieve the goals for each individual.. The studios provides specific movements and stretches that give awareness and focus to the areas that needs attention. Each  Clients targeted for all age groups for general fitness or any recovery from injury or pain and weight-loss. All movements are observed by a certified instructor.
Our Exclusive Studio practices the foundation of Joseph Pilates method of Contrology. We customize all levels from beginning -intermediate-advanced to gain the strengths and mobility with specific movements.
The integration of Eastern philosophy of balance and energy brings fluidity for a challenging workout.
We include hands on-stretches for enhanced flexibility.
We welcome you to join us for a session!

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Pilates Training

Pilates Training

Our Pilates training sessions incorporates stretching for tightness that needs to be addressed. The fluidity for the body to breathe is the key to workout. Pilates session 55 min.

Pilates Academy of Beverly Hills is excited to offer Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training  Program for Pilates Certification. Our Comprehensive Intensive program consists of 450 hours offered on weekends. The program teaches foundation of Joseph  Pilates method incorporating classical to contemporary in a small intimate group setting for better understanding & simplified learning. Our Program is continuously throughout with no long intermittence between the course. We offer full comprehensive teacher training program or as separate workshop.

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