Pilates Private Session

Pilates Private Session

 We offer private & duet pilates training  for a challenging workout.  

The workout focuses on balance coordination,  building strength through with your energy connection through your body. With the tailored exercise program incorporates importance to reform your body. Elongating the body will help lengthen the fascia to form continuity to the body with lean muscle mass.

We deliver controlled movements to help enhance the strength for specific areas that needs attention.  The importance of being aware of the alignment, posture will progress the training to to assist greater to stabilize to a correct position. As we elevate the program with advance exercises, we will add other props added to sculpt & tone your body.

For the private sessions, we offer assessment with consultation for the program and is available upon request if needed.  This will assist in finding the strengths and weaknesses to define the program that is perfect for you. 

Depending on your goals or to maintain, our program will be an asset to being healthy and conform to core strength and leaner muscle mass.

Duet sessions available Mon-Sat 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 5-6pm

Private Sessions available